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DinG is a Alliance Raidgroup on the Earthen Ring (EU) server which is searching for members for our WotLK campain to raid 25 men Dungeons. We are a group with a solid core of members with several years of raiding experience each, from Zul Gurrub till Sunwell Plateu.

We so far cleared all pre-3.1 content, cleared 13/14 Ulduar 25 man, ToC25 Normal, are 4/5 in TotGc25 and Cleared 11/12 Bosses in ICC.
DinG considers itself to be a "casual" raidgroup. Casual means we only raid 3 times a week (Thursday, Sunday, Tuesday from 19:45 till 23:30 (+/-15 minutes server time)) with at least one day between the raiding days, so our members have time to prepare and get the needed consumables without too much stress and with a "free" weekend to enjoy social activities with their non gaming friends. We expect our members to be available on atleast two of these raiding days. Three would be preferred to keep the team as small as possible.
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